You are enough

Sometimes we define like ‘miracles’ some achievements or experiences that occur to us. It is important to remember that a miracle is a series of little events that lead up to a culmination of an outward manifestation of the inner work that has been taking place behind the scenes.

You are the miracle!
You co-create the miracle, this is a universal law and this law does not judge you or the energy you broadcast. We are all on a journey back to Oneness, we are here to learn how to Be.
Life has always been there waiting for us.

Remember that your intentions are your order form to the Universe. So make a plan, work your plan.
Start practicing the Law of Visualization: what you conceive you can achieve! For something to exist it must exist in your consciousness first.

What is consciousness?
Your consciousness is essentially a quantum field around you that is made up of electrical and magnetic frequencies that are influenced based on perception of self, perception of the world, perception of your own power, your beliefs, your thoughts and your emotions.

The good news is that you can work on these aspects of you, essentially by embarking on a journey to meet your perceptions, your inner beliefs and values. The next step is to choose to transform them in order to allow you to manifest the results you desire.

Believe you are worthy of the result you desire!
Know that what you want is available to you, because if you have a desire, and at the same time you doubt about achieving it, your energy is divided and split energy means a weaker – if not absent – result.

Jump start your transformation by accepting where you are now.
Acceptance is power, allow your hidden shadows to be revealed so that you can fall in love with your Self. Do you know that sometimes things are not showing up in your life simply because you are not on record accepting and allowing them to come in?
The transition to shift from feelings of lack, anger, frustration or low vibrations to feelings of lightness, joy and higher vibrations is a clear action that sends out a strong message to the Universe.  The Law of Life is ‘What you feel you make real’. It is not about what we want, it is all about ‘Who we are’.

That is why a process of transformation sustained by a life coaching program leads you to consistent purposeful changes in your life. Through coaching we get in touch with who we are, we ‘see’ us and this is the first step on the road to transformation.

By seeing us we acknowledge and respect what we are. By denying and refusing who we are we disengage from us; on the contrary, when we are willing to get to know ourselves we open up to the wonders of what we can manifest.

A few examples?
Change the way you talk to yourself, use ‘I am willing to’ instead of ‘I have to’, or ‘I allow’ vs ‘I try’. Focus on your blessings instead on what is missing, search for opportunities and not for reasons to be disappointed, tap into peaceful emotions, that brings you strength and understanding.

We are all designed to know the future and to direct our life.
It is your perceptions that lead to your experience in life, so understanding perceptions is vital to radical manifestation. We all have been talking to our cells our whole life, they have always been listening. Now it is time to have a different conversation, we need to give new instruction and direction.

In changing how you see things you purely change your world!


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