Yoga for Coaches

A space for coaches to re-awaken, re-generate and revive!

Coaches are professionals with the need to be present to themselves and to their clients.

Coaches who choose to align with the ICF Standards commit to embodying a coaching mindset and engaging in ongoing development as a coach.
 This requires presence, energy, and focus.

That is why I designed Yoga For Coaches: to offer a space for coaches to re-awaken, re-generate and revive.


to reconnect with your breath and improve respiration


to reawaken your energy and vitality


to cultivate mindfulness and enhance focus


to improve strength, balance and flexibility

A consistent practice of slow hatha yoga can lift the spirit, relax the mind, and strengthen and stretch the body among other benefits.
This can support you as a coach in becoming aware of your inner space, of the power of breathing, and of the immense value of your body, your vessel on this Earth, through which you can be a coach.
Although yoga is generally thought of as a way to move, this ancient Indian practice combines physical poses (asanas) with breath work (pranayama) and meditation (dyana) to help you achieve balance of your mind, body, and spirit.

Exceptional Value

at Only €39 Per Month / Weekly Sessions

Keeping your mind sharp is not essential only for a coach, it is vital to healthy aging, and since cognitive decline impacts many with age, yoga can help keep your mind strong.

You are welcome either if you are a beginner or if you know and practice yoga.

Yoga is for absolutely everybody!

I have been a beginner in yoga myself, I practiced yoga for years, and I decided to share my experience with others by learning how to be a yoga teacher.

I will guide you with care through the main principles of yoga: 

  1. Proper Exercise
  2. Proper Breathing
  3. Proper Relaxation

All you need for the 50 minutes session: 

  • wear comfortable clothes
  • bring a yoga mat or any other non-slip mat
  • together with a simple pillow or a blanket

We connect via Zoom every Wednesday at 4pm CET. 
If you are a coach, a mentor coach or a coach trainer and you want to join our Yoga for Coaches sessions contact me by using the form on the right.


Cristina Campofreddo, MCC and Yoga Instructor


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Coaching and Yoga

Combining my passions for coaching and yoga is my ultimate goal. I believe in the transformative power of both practices, and I am driven to unite them to create a holistic approach to personal growth and well-being. Together, let’s embark on a journey of self-discovery, balance, and fulfillment.


Yoga to support my being a coach

I have learnt that you become a coach and then are a coach: it is not a “job” that you “do”. Yoga for Coaches, along with the explorations I am doing as my peers' client, and the resources I am drawing from it, is helping me to see and face internal obstacles differently and allows me to absorb the teachings of the course in a deeper, more authentic and transformative way.
Luce Sibilla Balzarini
Coach at SunLight Academy