Why become a Professional Coach?

This question is essential before you decide to embark in your journey to get your training and your certification as a Professional Coach.

Our Coach Training Program has the purpose to enable you to master the ability to facilitate people in learning how to create the results they want consistently in all areas of life with a sense of well-being.

From our experience gained by being in the coaching field since 1981, we can say that a deep caring for people is a key requirement to contemplate the idea to pursue a coaching career.
Together with that, the ability to be in the question allowing clients to have their own answers and a commitment to your own personal growth and discovery are essential skills for someone who wants to embrace this wonderful profession.

Those who are willing to become a Professional Coach need to remind that you are a coach primarily because of your ability to get out of the way, so others are empowered to be as effective as they can be. What is required here is to balance on the fence between recreating the form each time and being appropriate to what is happening at the time for the client.

When you decide to enroll in a Coach Training Program accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), you also agree to maintain the ethics and standards of behavior set by the ICF (see here https://coachfederation.org/code-of-ethics).

Through our Coach Training Program we strongly believe in supporting the growth and the development of the coach in an understanding and appreciation of:

  • the dance existing between our internal (being) and external (doing) states
  • the authentic self within that encompasses essence, imagination, passion and drive to greatness
  • an awareness and internalization of the inner spiritual dimension imbedded in the ICF competencies and SUN principles.

We also believe that clarifying and appreciating our impact as coach on the energy field present in our partnering with clients is essential to gain the needed awareness in our profession, so that we can:

  • show up with a positive sense of Self
  • offer our total presence to the client’s states of being and doing with compassion and acceptance
  • honoring and working with the client’s beliefs, skills, spiritual orientation, strengths and values.

Before embarking in the journey to become a Professional Coach, we encourage you to ask yourself:

  • How strong is my sense of self?
  • What are my values?
  • How balanced am I?  (life areas, doing and being)
  • How strong is my self-esteem?
  • How do I enhance others self-esteem?
  • How important is continuous growth and development?
  • What impact on the world am I most proud of?

It is important to keep in mind that Coaches who coach the Being (and not only the Doing) of their clients have – or are willing to develop – the following qualities:

  • awareness of, and connection with their inner dimension
  • open to the unknown
  • in tune with their issues
  • access the neutral observer/wise self
  • light-hearted and fun-loving

Most coaching focuses on getting results.
With that limited perspective the coach would need to stay for a long time because there will always be different results that clients want to achieve.
Our coaching has a different focus. Our program has a beginning, middle, and an ending and that timeframe is known in advance. In the 5-6 months that we coach, the client learns how to produce the results. At the end of the 5-6 months, clients will have the techniques to achieve results and be in the habit of using those techniques. Hence our program is known for sustainability.

Our Coach Trainers are more than happy to have a free online conversation with those who are interested in exploring the Coaching Profession, the needed requirements and the steps to complete a certification program.

With the words of John Muir, remember that “The sun shines not on us but in us.”  

(Inspired by Success Unlimited Network® resources)


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