When coaching is honoring the Laws of the Universe

‘If you want to discover the secretes of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibrations.’ (Nikola Tesla)

We are all born with free will.
This means that we can all choose freely. We own this gift from the Universe, that allows us to achieve everything we want to have and to be. However, in order to allow our dreams and desires to manifest, we need to know ourselves: this is how we can understand the Universal Laws.

We are referring here to the Hermetic Laws, also known as Creative Forces.
The first Hermetic Principle says that everything that happens has to be a result of a mental state which precedes it. For anything to exist, thoughts had to form first, which then form physical reality or manifestation. “Your thoughts are seeds, plant positive seeds in your mind garden.”

Giordano Bruno said that ‘It’s not matter that generates thought, it is thought that generates matter’.
This means that we have the possibility to create everything in our mind and then we can have the power to manifest it in our life. Even thoughts are energy, they vibrate and they attract similar vibrations.

‘As above, so below’ said Hermes Trismegistus.
If we want to understand the principles through which we can manifest what we want in our life, we need to honor and respect the Laws through which the Universe operates.
The Law of Correspondence says that everything external is a mirror of everything internal. Everything external (outside) is a reflection of what is going on inside to enable us to work on it internally, so that it can change the outside.

Easy, isn’t it? The Laws are easy, we have made our life more complicated than it should be. Since we are all connected, we are one, we synchronize to the same frequency. One might say that the purpose of the external world is to give us observations on the extent to which we are in flow of the highest level we can reach.

In the coaching relationship, the mirror is always at work. The mirror of the relationship can give us a better look at ourselves than we could have alone.  Effective coaches know this and they intentionally use the mirror to reflect back to the client what needs to be seen for the entire picture of wholeness to emerge.  Once again, the physical, mental and emotional aspects of the coach and client must enter into the dynamics with equal attention, congruently and concurrently.

Everyone one and everything is a mirror of us reflecting back our consciousness at a deeper level. We encourage you to practice using the mirror for increasing your insight.

This is a very easy exercise you can do to practice the power of the mirror: list several things you love about the people in your life. Then list several things that annoy or frustrate you about people in your life. Take your time, enjoy this process, and when you are done with this, look inside yourself and see how these reflect who you are and what are your growing edges.

You can also practice to be aware of how you experience the energy of others. John Collings, MCC, and Leatra Harper have done a good job of exploring this topic in their book ‘Energetic Coach’.
Practice experiencing energy by riding an elevator and tuning in to the people there.

Tuning into our energy and the energy around us is essential. All Universal Laws operate on the mental, physical and spiritual level, and every level has its own energetic vibration.
One thing we need to remember is that Universal Laws are neutral: you attract what vibrates to your vibration. No matter if the outcome is a good or negative one for you, Universal Laws are always operating accordingly to what you emanate. They fully respect your free will!

During a coaching meeting, when the expert Professional Coach notes what is going on inside her/himself (her/his physical sensations and their location) this information gives clues as to what is going on with the client. As coaches, when we act in a way to take care of ourselves, this serves the client too. We do pay attention to what seems to be objective and what is subjective. What shows up externally is a reflection of what goes on internally.

Aware of the Law of Correspondence, and with the purpose to respect and act accordingly to it, the expert Professional Coach listens for the auditory differences, e.g. pitch, tonality, tempo rhythm, volume and inflection between the issue and to what the clients want as their outcome. The expert Coach pays attention to the differences without solving the client’s problem and mirror back to the person what s/he saw or heard.

Coaching Competencies deal with the internal world of the coach and client as well as the external world. Obstacles can be either internal or external or both. The training to be a coach includes attention to both of these worlds.

In coaching we know that context is the space from which things occur and out of which individuals express themselves.  Contexts are made up, they are so, because we say so.  Nothing that happens stops them being so, and this means that contexts are never changed by content.  When a context is created, all content proves its existence.

We are the cause of everything, we are the problem and we are the solution! We deserve to be happy and to prosper. We are all connected, we are the Universe, we are part of it, and in the Universe there is no such thing as lack in the Universe, a stream that is rejected just goes elsewhere.

Next time you want to hire a Professional Coach, make sure that s/he is aware of the Universal Laws and that s/he knows how to embody them and apply them in her/his profession. Remember: you are powerful and you can choose! Always.


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