What spirituality has to do with coaching?

Spirituality is a broad concept with room for many perspectives.
It is something that touches us in all areas of our lives. I have increasingly found spirituality to be effective in corporate situations, to the ultimate benefit of the client, the organization and the company.

What is spirituality, anyway?
Overall, spirituality can be thought of as an appreciation of our purpose and our connection to self, to others and to something greater than ourselves. Knowing our purpose is fundamental to living a life of meaning: purpose can guide important decisions, influence behavior, shape goals and offer a sense of direction.

Acknowledging a connection to something greater than ourselves gives a sense of empowerment, association and selflessness.
Spirituality manifests in many ways, from deeply religious to a simple
desire to understand “why I’m here.”

I found out that without the ability to connect to something or someone outside one’s self, executives lose sight of what is important to their customers and staff. Once again the enterprise is stuck, and a coach is needed.

You can read more about what my dear colleague Kathy Harman, MCC and SUN Coach Trainer, think and believe in the article we have written from Choice Magazine some time ago.
It always a joy to share our experience and we do trust that this will inspire many other coaches to embrace a type of approach to coaching that is whole and inclusive.

I’d love to hear your opinion on this topic and I’d be happy to meet you for a chat or in one of our next webinars on coaching competencies and tools.


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