What’s the difference between Credentialing and Certification?

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Earning a professional credential is a voluntary process through which an individual is evaluated against predetermined standards for knowledge, skills or competencies for a particular job or profession.
A credential may include other criteria such as training and experience.

Private credentialing, sometimes referred to as certification, is offered by an independent body, such as a professional association or organization, like ICF – and not by the provider of training.

Remember that Credentials are what prospective clients look at to validate your coaching level.

A training school might offer an individual a certificate after successfully completing a training program and passing the assessment provided by the training school.
This assessment evaluates an individual on the knowledge gained through that particular course.

Certificates are given by coach training programs to graduates to demonstrate successful completion of the training program. Professional coaches who apply for an ICF credential may use a certificate provided by a coach training program to verify they have completed the required coach-specific training hours for the credential.

Before enrolling in a training program it is important to know this:
if you earn a certificate by passing all the training requirements for an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP) you surely accelerate and make it easier to go through the ICF credential application process, because the ACTP coach training program incorporates a big number of the ICF requirements within the training program.

And be aware that some coach training organizations offer “Coach Certification”, but are not accredited through the ICF as an Accredited Coach Training Program, or ACTP, or as an Approved Coach Specific Training Hours provider, or ACSTH.

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