What do you need to learn to be a good coach?

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There are many training programs available, and each one has its own focus. I encourage you to do the research on these programs to ensure they are offering the best value and giving you the right skills that you need to succeed in your profession.

If you are new to coaching, you should choose a program that gives you a strong grounding in the fundamentals of coaching. Once you have been trained in the fundamentals, you can take more advanced training and even consider to explore specialized areas.

What are Fundamentals in coaching?
Coaching involves a very different way of listening and interacting with others. ICF – the largest coaching organization – has a set of coaching competencies that clearly define how to coach.
ICF also has a Code of Ethics that members must sign and respect.

These are the most basic skills and knowledge that each coach should have.
If you are new to coaching, it is better if you choose a program that gives you both understanding and much practice in the competencies and ethics.

There is more to consider, in order to have clarity in choosing your training path to become a coach: make sure you choose a program that is accredited by ICF, and ask them how much training you get in the competencies and ethics.
On these topics you should get at least from 35 to 40 hours in the program to put together the basic knowledge of coaching. Make also sure that the program offers you the possibility to do a lot of practice, because this is essential in coaching! You cannot just study to become a coach, but you need to start practicing your coaching skills as soon as possible, with buddy students, buddy coaches and your first clients.

Our Global Coaching Network offers to our Coach In Training the opportunity to have 1:1 coach training and a lot of coaching practice with the other students in the program, so that the CITs can support each other, share and grow.

Once you receive the foundation of coaching with a basic training, if you really want to grasp coaching, you should also learn more advanced practices. This means a deeper work on competencies and ethics, in order to strengthen your understanding and practice of coaching.

Only when you have a firm mastery on the coaching competencies and ethics, you can choose some specialties.
Make sure you have the opportunity to have a free exploratory meeting before you choose to enroll in a program, so that you understand what are the details of the modules in the program.

And remember to ask questions! Coaching is all about asking questions because this is the best method to let clarity emerge.

Take a look at the video below to get more clarity. This series of video is complete. Stay tuned for more videos on other interesting topics!


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