What do you need to know about the structure of coach training?

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All training programs are different. What do you need to consider to choose wisely and to accordingly to your needs and expectations?

To begin with, it is important to consider the differences even within full Certification ACTP Training Programs.

Remember that length of the program, teaching mode, configuration of the classes, can all be different in the programs.
Be aware of what is important to you in your training, and prioritize those factors to help you decide which program might best fit into your schedule and learning mode.

For instance, does the program offer one to one training? Or training in groups?

About the Class Configuration: consider how the classes will be held.
– number of students in each class
– how many trainers per student
– how the class is presented: lecture? experiential?
– what technology you will need to access classes and eventually recordings
– what materials and books are needed

About Timing and Length: look into timing factors to see how it fits in your schedule.

How are the classes given:
– several full days in a row, once a month, once a week, whenever the student wants?
– how long is each class: a full day, 1 hour, etc.?
– how long does it take to graduate? Some ACTPs might take 6 months, others a full 2 or 3 years.

About Training Mode, you can have:
– online training via web meetings
– the trainer and student are both present during the training, with frequent give and take
– or training can be recorded

You might have
– in person and real time training
– or you can have a blend of virtual and in-person training.

And again about Exposure/Diversity: find out how the program addresses diversity, culture, different approaches to life and learning… if the program is a global one, active in different countries around the world.

Last but not least, consider the Cost:
Make sure you choose the best program that fits into your budget:
– explore what financing options are available
– does the program offer tuition assistance

Feel free to ask! Always take your time to explore because you are investing in your Self, in your activity, in your future and especially your are creating the premises to build your own profession.

Take a look at the video below to get more clarity and stay tuned for the coming video.

If you want to explore deeper and find a path that is suitable to your needs, please visit our ‘Choose Your Path’ section here and get in touch with one of our Trainers for a free consultation.


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