Values, Vision and Mission

We often struggle with finding direction, making big decisions, and even knowing how to act in day-to-day situations. When you take the time to consider your core values, these things become crystal clear. Core values point the needle of your compass, illuminating the pathway toward living a meaningful life — one that’s filled with passion and purpose. Just like the foundation of a home, core values provide the groundwork for your actions, decisions, and behaviors. We know that when it comes to core values, there’s no “one size fits all” approach.

Everyone is different. Every organization is different and made by unique human beings. Besides, when what you value the most is congruent with what you do, you are standing in your integrity. That is why at SunLight Academy we took our time to reflect what inspires us, what drives us and what are the results that we want to achieve with our activity.
Here you can learn more about our Academy, about our values, our vision and our mission.

Our Values


Most of all, at SunLight Academy we value courage: we believe that acting from our heart is the most powerful way to reach meaningful results. Courage allows us to support the advancement of our activity and our commitment to the coaching profession. Courage for us at SunLight Academy can be expressed with a mental and moral strength to venture, persevere and embrace challenges.
Courage gives you the ability to put aside your fear of failure, accept it as a companion in your journey and take the first steps. This is what coaching is about: taking steps towards the results we want to manifest.


Unity is harmony within and among individuals in the group. Unity is built from a shared vision, hope, an altruistic aim or a cause for the common good. Unity makes big tasks seem easy. The stability of unity comes from the spirit of equality and oneness.
We believe that unity is expressed as the bond of sharing that connects all humans and all beings in our Universe. For SunLight Academy, unity is the core of human values with their quality being humane goodness.


Gratitude is strongly and consistently associated with greater happiness. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships. At SunLight Aademy we believe that the attitude of gratitude helps to keep us aligned with our goals and working toward our development. Gratitude helps us build better relationships, but most of all it connects us with the grace, the grace of the Universe, that special energy that sparked life within us and that allows us to breathe every single day. We are grateful to our clients, students and community members who make our SunLight Academy a place to be.


The joy that emerges from within our being is such a precious ingredient in our lives! Joy is like an invisible current that permeates every aspect of life. It has the power to bind us together.
Happiness that derives from outer experiences is transient. On the other hand, there is a joy that is generated from the center of our being. This is one of our core values: allowing this joy to permeate what we do and how we are, so that our life and our activities find true meaning. This joy is always available, all we need to do is to remind to connect with it and allow it to shine.

Vision, Mission & Strategy

Our Vision

Professional coaching is the source for key strategies and wisdom for those who are intentional to become beams of light for the expansion of collective wellbeing, prosperity and appreciation of diversity.

Our Mission

We are global strategic allies for individuals and organizations who are intentional to leverage coaching to evolve and lead the world to unity and conscious expansion.

Our Strategy

  • Inspire the global coaching education system to enhance coaches’ professionality and ethics
  • Build young leaders in coaching education
  • Courageously open new ways to support unity in the world through coaching

Ethics, integrity, and transparency

The fear of failure as an ally

As a coaching education organization we are committed to develop high-level principles for ethics, integrity and transparency, that is why we have been working on this topic and we commit to keep our attention focused in improving our standards.
Transparency is an attribute of corporate culture that’s revealed through the behaviors of an organization’s leaders, employees, and stakeholders. It’s how values are embodied and demonstrated on a day-to-day basis.
One of our values is courage, which means for us to put aside the fear of failure and take the first steps towards the results we want to see.

That is why we do our best to share with our audience and clients on our website our values, vision & mission, our commercial policies on our website, our prices and payments conditions and all those important information to allow our clients to choose our services with clarity.

The interconnection we support through our behavior

Transparency, participation, accountability and integrity are interconnected concepts.
In order to allow our prospect students to choose our courses with transparency we invite them to join our lesson as observers in order to evaluate if our approach and our Community is the place where they want to learn.
We are comfortable in being see-through, we promote the free participation to some of our events, with the purpose to allow those who are interested to join our team and get to know our Trainers and Mentors.

Being ethical in our profession

Ethics are principles that guide behaviour, while integrity suggests that we should carry out ethical principles in our daily lives and activities, rather than espousing an ideal and then doing something contradictory.
That is why by fully embracing the ICF Code of Ethics, we commit to behave accordingly to that.
We offer free conversation to allow our prospect clients to understand what professional coaching is and what is not, we make sure that our clients and students receive a draft of the written contract that we both need to sign before the beginning of a coaching process or an education program.

Gratitude, patience and flexibility

We express gratitude to others, to our clients and students for being who they are. We create celebration moments to stop and share gratitude to be part of our Community. We do our best to be patient and flexible, even when unexpected obstacles show up.

We know that impactful leaders set moral and ethical standards. We make sure that we at SunLight Academy fully embrace the concept that we are offering a service profession, that serving customers it means to be reliable for them and be trustworthy, especially with confidential information. We know we can make mistake, we know that this is the way to learn more and we are ready to be responsible for our actions.

We commit to address conflict honestly and respectfully, with a learner mentality that allow us to open our perspectives and be a better professional in the education field. We commit to market our services with honesty, with transparency and with the awareness that we express our ethical behavior by being a role model for those who are intentional about becoming a professional coach.

Integrity promotes better leaders and this is what we are doing: we open new possibilities to those who want to become better leaders in their life and their profession.

Get yourself a free gift

An exploratory free coaching session of one hour with our Master Coach Cristina Campofreddo. You will get clarity on your goals, you will immediately experience the benefits of a coaching session and you will be able to create your vision for your purposeful future.