Thoughts make up your physical reality: a practical guide to manifestation

Thoughts are the basis of everything that you experience in physical reality.
It is thoughts that make up what we consider physical reality.

When thoughts affect objective reality we use definitions like intention, will, or perhaps even synchronicity, luck, coincidence. But in all these definitions, what is really going on is that a complex gestalt of thoughts is created and this creates certain effects that we can detect through our sense perceptions.

We are only able to identify a small portion of what the world around us really is. We are only able to identify a small portion of what thoughts really are.
Our ideas of time come from our inability to perceive all the information of this infinite present on a conscious basis, our inability to perceive the full complexity of thoughts.

As the frequency of thoughts comes closer to what we would consider physical reality, these thoughts could then be called beliefs. Beliefs become assumptions, these assumptions become truths and soon these truths become facts. Facts become objects or events in what we call physical reality.

Your beliefs are the underlying structures that cause you to have certain thoughts often. Think of a belief as a type of underlying scaffolding, like the bones that hold a large structure like a body together.
When you believe that something is true or not true, you accept that something is real or not real. With thoughts we create emotions

Thoughts and emotions are the most powerful forces that we have at our disposal, and these are directed by attention which is controlled by beliefs.

How can we really contact our beliefs, how can we see them and transform them into new beliefs that support the manifestation of the life we want?

The first method in changing a belief is logic.

All beliefs are based on an assumption of some kind, so the best way to change a belief is to explore this belief until you find where that assumption has been made and make a change there, at the core.
Let’s make an example: let’s say that you believe that you need to work hard to get what you want, to reach the success you want or to earn the money you want. Let’s say that you believe that ‘pain equal gain’.

To explore the above belief you can ask yourself:
. what evidence do I have that pain equals gain?
. is it possible that I have made a mistake in my assumptions?
. are there cases where hard work does not equal more success or more money?
. who decides what is paid better?

In conjunction with the above method, you can begin to spend a little time every few days believing a new, more positive belief.

Repetition and time create new neural pathways within your brain that you then learn to accept as fact and call reality. We are immersed in the collective thinking, the thoughts of others push against us all the time. The thought forms that we have created in the past and the thought forms that others have created, affect us constantly.

It is essential for your evolution to remember that you are what you believe about yourself. Your value doesn’t come from anything but what you choose to think.
That is why the most important thing to learn in life is a sense of appreciation for yourself!

Who are you?
Your age, your family background, your goals? Any of your hobbies, your religious orientation, your voting preferences, your hometown? How much money you’ve made, or what you think you might ever do in your life?
How can you bring that powerful presence to the forefront in your life, so you can more effectively manifest your desires into form?

If you know that any problem you have in your life is in your mind, then you must know that the solution to any problems also has to be in your mind.
Act accordingly to that and you will start your journey towards the manifestation of your highest good.

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