The Wholeness of Coaching

When we refer to coaching we like to talk and write about the techniques and the approaches of coaching, we like to describe what do coaches do and how do they do it.
Today I want to amplify the impact that coaching has on our lives by connecting the dots: coaching addresses the Being our Selves and therefore the impact of professional coaching on our lives is immense!

By working with a professional life or business coach we have the possibility to reconnect with the hidden parts of who we are, those so often forgotten or neglected parts of who we are.
We need to remember that we are not separated, that our inner wisdom, our inner knowing is so often locked down inside of us and we believe we are ‘what we think we are’.
We believe in our rational mind, in our logical thinking and that is why, by following our mind, we tend to reproduce the life we always had, we are stuck and we cannot change.

We can read many books, attend many over-the-weekend workshops, we can use affirmations…and nothing changes in our lives. Why? The reason is only one: we change the habit of being who we are and do what we always do by making new habits. And we can choose new habits when we open to our immense field of possibilities, always available to us.

We are energy beings and we have in us both masculine and feminine energy, which are not separated but they can express through different behaviors and choices.
We live in a world both of duality and oneness. The polarity of the masculine and feminine bring to the surface one of the common imbalances in our life, but humanity need to remember that we are all both sides all at once, masculine and feminine.

Receiving is a key element of the feminine principle. Many women encounter strong internal reactions to the idea of receiving, just simply receiving love, care, nurturing, kindness. By not believing that the feminine energy is enough, women they over-give, over-do, over-control, over-think and…as a paradox, over-masculinise!

We have been told to stop listening to, and trusting, the innate wisdom of our bodies, we have developed a false model of what authentic feminine beauty is and this has contamined our psychological, emotional and spiritual health.

When your inner feminine source is dry, you may become low, stuck, ill, reliant on quick fixes, overworked, sometime chronically exhausted. You may experience depression, resentment or anger, and this might occur to both men and women, because we are all created with masculine and feminine energy available to use in order to live a balanced and joyful life.

When you are balanced in your feminine energy, your internal guidance system can naturally lead you to balancing your needs. Let’s reclaim the great amount of energy lost in fighting these two types of energy and let’s see how to do that!

It is interesting to point out how many professional competencies of a Coach are a pure feminine expression, and how many of them are on the other side an expression of masculine energy.
One of the most important coaching competency – take a look at the ICF Competencies at this link – that helps to develop our feminine energy is ‘Active Listening’.
As coaches, we need to open ourselves to our client and we firstly need to listen to ourselves in order to master the ability to listen to our clients.
Being present to who we are as human being, honor our wholeness and respect our essence are the foundational steps to become a professional coach and develop the competencies to partner with our clients.


A few simple suggestions to help you connect instantly to your feminine energy are:
. be open to the present moment and to what is offering you
. flow with life each day and with its rhythm
. allow yourself to fully feel what is going on inside you
. commit to really listen to the person in front of you, imagining that you are talking with a High Being

It is just amazing how these steps are also what we teach our coaches-in-training and it is even more amazing to share with you that when coaches practice these ‘little’ steps they upgrade their mastery of the coaching competencies to a higher level.

‘Presence’ is another amazing coaching competency and it can be developed through reconnecting to our feminine guidance. Knowing what is good for us, knowing our body, what works for us – as human beings and as coaches – and taking the judgement away is essential to explore our thoughts and our patterns, to recognize our limiting beliefs and to open up to the never ending field of possibilities that every moment is available for us.

How long have you neglected yourself?
With great compassion and kindness, we can awaken to just how deeply our feminine energy cup needs to be refilled.
Let your feminine energy guide you in what you do.
Ask yourself:
. if I talk to my feminine energy as to my wisest guide, how would it guide me now?
. what does my feminine energy need now?
. what do I choose to do to feel connected, open and nurtured?

Stay tuned as in one of our articles we will explore the value and the amazing benefits of tapping into our masculine energy and balance it within our Selves in order to create harmony in our life.

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