The extraordinary power within yourself and how to access it

Scientists generally agree that laughter has both a preventive and therapeutic value.
But what happened to laughter nowadays?
It seems like people have forgotten how to laugh. People usually think that you need a good sense of humor in order to laugh, but there are other ways to be inspired to laugh.
A sense of humor is an individual’s capacity to perceive, relate and experience a certain situation as funny and amusing.
Have you ever considered that sense of humor and the ability to laugh can be something that one can develop with practice?

Laughing within a group can help one to let go of inhibitions and allow sense of humor to flow. One can laugh without a specific reason and in a group of people this can be really funny! People usually look for a reason to laugh, but nowadays, in our stressful daily lives, we find very few reasons to laugh.

When we are in a group, no particular reason is necessary to trigger laughter because laughing is a contagious practice. In groups we learn to laugh at ourselves, at life, with the people around us, at the things we do.

When we’re alone we can laugh too: in the car, in the morning after waking up, in silence and in solitude, we can release a deep and beautiful laugh that comes straight from our heart, originating deep inside us…

This is surely be the best way to welcome a new day!

Hearty Laugh Techniques involve a form of respiration and yoga meditation that is easy to practice, fun and efficient. It brings amazing lasting benefits to your nervous system as well as to your immune system, your throat, lungs, and it activates endorphins. Hearty Laugh Techniques work with children, adults, the elderly, and people with health challenges.

Children laugh an average of 400 times a day, adults only an average of 15 times a day. What went wrong? Where ended up the ability to laugh that we lost on the way?

Let’s commit to get it back! It is our birth right and it belongs to us.
Lets become kids again, lighthearted, flexible, creative.
Let’s laugh! And let’s get used again to laugh for no reason.

How can we laugh without a specific reason? Often we cannot even laugh while watching a comedy on TV, when we open the newspaper we often don’t feel like laughing at all.

There is a laughter inside you that you can re-discover. It is always there but you are the only one who can wake it up and spread it around you. The trick is to find it, and then let this laughter out.

How? By taking part in group exercises or even private ones.
Are they easy to do? Yes, very easy and really funny!
Do they work? Yes! They do work. Stay tuned for more information on our programs and our online courses.

The very next day after our laughter global workshops, people laugh more often, as well as more naturally. They experience a sense of well being, a sense of lightness and also a sense of purpose in what they do.

You can experience that, you can easily purchase our online video courses, you can use them to enhance your health, your energy, to improve your performance at work, in sport and in everything you do in your life.

It is easy, all you need is a cell phone, or an iPad or a PC and you can access our workshops, you can use them with your business or working teams, with your family and children, at school, with your sport team before a match or a game, or you can use them by yourself, at home, or out in the nature. You will understand and experience that you own an amazing power within yourself and that you can just access it any time you need it.
All you need to do it is to learn how to find that power within yourself and how to use it to let your life shining.

Visit our website and stay tuned! We will release the videos soon and you will be able to purchase the whole series of 20 videos to transform the quality of your energy and your life.
Stay tuned for more articles and material on this strategic topic, that can transform the way you approach life, work, business and relationships.

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(Inspired by Gianni Ferrario, actor, performer and happiness trainer)


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