The benefits of a daily use of our Happiness Pills

A smile is a universal type of expression.
Everybody, from different countries and cultures and languages can recognize a smile.

Surely emotions determine the expression you put on your face, but also the opposite is true. It has been largely proven that our facial expression can alter the way we feel and the way we perceive the world.

So let’s give it a try! You can practice on a daily basis to use our Happiness Pills to expand your well being, to let positive vibrations enter your life and to rise the quality of your daily routine.

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3. Breathing into Happiness 

You inhale while you lift your arms up, thinking to yourself “I am receiving energy” and then when you bring your arms back down you think, “I am spreading joy”. Then, instead of simply exhaling when you have brought your arms back down by your sides you laugh loudly instead.
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4. The Self-Accepting Laugh 

Simply point a finger at yourself and pat yourself on your own back in order to laugh at yourself and your own limitations.
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