Start-Up Membership

Elevate Your Coaching Journey
with Essential Resources and Unmatched Value

Welcome to the SunLight Academy Start-Up Membership, a specially designed package that empowers emerging coaches with the foundational tools needed to thrive in the coaching profession. Crafted for those at the beginning of their coaching journey, this membership offers unparalleled access to essential resources, ensuring you start strong and grow confidently.

Exceptional Value

at only €8.90 per month

The Start-Up Membership is your gateway to a world of learning and development, providing you with key resources to build a solid coaching foundation. At an incredibly affordable price, this membership is designed to maximize your potential while minimizing your costs.


  • Online Live Classes ℹ️
  • 3 live classes per year
  • On Demand Videos ℹ️
  • access to resources on Competencies and Ethics

  • CCEs Valid with ICF
  • Peer Coaching
  • Mentor Coaching
  • Yoga for Coaches
This is a start-up package for those who want to take the first step to join our vibrant Global Community

Online Live Classes

Engage in Real-Time Learning: Access three live classes per year, where you can interact with top-tier instructors and fellow aspiring coaches in real time. These sessions are crafted to be dynamic and engaging, ensuring you gain practical knowledge and insights.
Diverse Topics: Each class covers essential coaching techniques and strategies, helping you build a robust skill set that forms the bedrock of your coaching career.

On Demand Videos

Learn at Your Own Pace: Enjoy unlimited access to a curated library of on-demand videos, featuring key concepts and methodologies in coaching. Whether you’re revisiting fundamental lessons or exploring new ideas, these videos are available whenever you need them.
Comprehensive Resource: The on-demand content includes a variety of topics, ensuring you have the breadth of knowledge necessary to tackle any coaching challenge. Register to the Portal at this link

Why This Offer Stands Out

Affordability Meets Quality: At just €8.90 per month, the Start-Up Membership offers unbeatable value, making high-quality coaching education accessible to everyone.
Flexibility and Convenience: Balance your learning with your personal and professional life, as you have the flexibility to join live classes and watch videos at times that suit you.
Immediate Application: Implement what you learn in real-time, allowing you to see immediate improvements in your coaching practice and confidence.

Monthly Membership Fee: € 8.90

After purchasing your Plan, make sure you register to the SunLight Academy Portal.

Start Your Coaching Journey with Confidence

Joining the SunLight Academy Start-Up Membership means becoming part of a supportive community dedicated to your success.
With access to live interactive sessions and a comprehensive video library, you are equipped to start your coaching journey on solid ground.

Embrace this opportunity to learn from the best, connect with fellow coaches, and build the foundation of a successful coaching career. Sign up for the Start-Up Membership today and take the first step towards realizing your full potential as a coach.
Join the Start-Up Membership, let’s embark on this transformative journey together!

After purchasing your Plan, make sure you register to the SunLight Academy Portal.