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Dear Proficient Coach,
Congratulations on taking the next step in your professional journey with SunLight Academy! We are thrilled to introduce you to our Premium Membership – a comprehensive package designed to propel you to new heights in the coaching world. As an Academy dedicated to your growth and success, we are excited to share how this premium offering can transform your coaching practice.

Unparalleled Benefits

for just €29.90 per month

For only €29.90 per month, the Premium Membership provides an exceptional array of benefits meticulously crafted to support and enhance your coaching journey. Here is what you get:


  • Online Live Classes ℹ️
  • 6 live classes per year
  • On Demand Videos ℹ️
  • access to premium resources on Competencies and Ethics and other important coaching skills

  • CCEs Valid with ICF ℹ️
  • max 10 CCEs per year

  • Peer Coaching ℹ️
  • 2 coaching rounds per year

  • Mentor Coaching ℹ️
  • 2 group mentor coaching meetings per year

  • Yoga for Coaches ℹ️
  • 1 yoga class per month

Get it all: exclusive full access to high-quality support to evolve as a coach and be a co-creator of a Global Community

Online Live Classes

Monthly Engagement: Access six live classes per year, where you can interact with top-tier coaches and peers. These sessions cover advanced coaching techniques and industry trends, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

On Demand Videos

Extensive Library: Enjoy unlimited access to a vast collection of premium on-demand videos. Delve into advanced topics and revisit essential concepts anytime, anywhere, allowing you to tailor your learning experience to your needs. Register to the Portal at this link

CCEs Valid with ICF

Accredited Learning: Earn up to 10 Continuing Coach Education (CCE) units per year, recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). This ensures you stay updated with the latest industry standards and can maintain your coaching credentials.

Peer Coaching

Collaborative Growth: Participate in two coaching rounds per year, exchanging valuable insights and feedback with your peers. This collaborative environment fosters mutual learning and growth, enhancing your coaching skills.

Mentor Coaching

Expert Guidance: Benefit from two group mentor coaching meetings per year, receiving personalized advice and strategies from experienced mentors. These sessions are designed to refine your coaching techniques and expand your professional capabilities.

Yoga for Coaches

Holistic Well-Being: Enjoy one yoga classes per month included in the package, specially curated to promote mental clarity, physical health, and emotional balance. Integrating mindfulness and stress reduction techniques into your routine enhances your overall effectiveness and presence as a coach.

Why the Premium Membership Stands Out

Comprehensive Learning: Gain access to an all-inclusive suite of resources that support your continuous development and professional excellence.
Exclusive Networking: Join a community of like-minded professionals, participating in collaborative and enriching experiences that broaden your network and perspectives.
Personalized Support: Receive targeted advice and mentorship from seasoned coaches, ensuring you have the guidance needed to navigate and succeed in the coaching industry.

Monthly Membership Fee: € 29.90

After purchasing your Plan, make sure you register to the SunLight Academy Portal.

Invest in Your Future Today!

The Premium Membership at SunLight Academy is more than just a subscription – it’s an investment in your future.
By joining, you are committing to a journey of continuous improvement, professional growth, and personal well-being.
At €29.90 per month, this membership offers unmatched value, equipping you with cutting-edge and high value  tools and support needed to thrive as a top-tier coach.

Seize this opportunity to elevate your coaching career!

Sign up and join our Global Community! Together, we will unlock your full potential and achieve greatness in the world of coaching.
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