Student Portal Q&A

From the link, you create your own username (usually your email address) and your strictly personal password. Then you enter the platform, and you are singed in. At this stage, you need to inform your Trainer that you've signed up so that you can be included in the program you have enrolled in. After this step, click on the violet 'See More' button on the top right of your screen to populate your Homepage with the courses and materials available to your student profile. To access and use the courses, click on the box/name of the course, then hit the violet 'Subscribe' button on the right to enter the course for the first time

To create your profile, go to the menu on the top right and click account. Then, press the icon ‘Unlock’, upload the picture, and modify the description of your profile. To save the changes, click ‘Update’.

It is appropriate that the information in your profile would be a summary of who you are, about the level of certification you have enrolled in, your vision and purposes. You can add the details you want to share with the SunLight Community, the embdoy
the ICF Values
and the SUnLight Academy Values

This can be caused by different issues: the photo you picked is not in a suitable format or size for the platform. We also encourage to try a couple of times to re-upload the file. If it's not the case, try to log out and log in again or contact our technical support.

SunLight Academy encourages you to feed and update your profile information because we are a Community of Coaches, and the Student Portal is the place where you can meet with your Trainers and the rest of the Community during training, where you can support each other with your comments and contribution around the available content.
You have chosen to join our online Academy because you want to become a Professional Coach: this implies that you show up as a coach and that you embrace the value of being a consistent part of the global community of coaches, with intentionality and purpose.

Your password is strictly personal, and it is your responsibility to keep it personal and not share it with anyone. Please remember that the material in the Student Portal is under the copyright of ICF and SunLight Academy and that by enrolling in an ICF-accredited program, you have chosen to abide by the ICF Code of Ethics. If you lose your password, you can set a new password by clicking on the button “Forgot your password?” from the login form; then you can digit your username or email, and SunLight Academy will send you a temporary code to create a new password.

Currently, you can choose between English, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian and Portuguese. If you want to choose a language, from the log-in page, under the password space, you can press the “Select a language” button and choose the preferred language. If you want to choose another language while you are logged in, go to the far end on the right of your screen in the portal, and you find the button to set a different language.

At the moment, the languages you see are the ones available to the users. If you want to experience the Portal in your own language, let SunLight Academy know, and we will ask our technical support to add it.

From each page you are exploring in the Portal, click the button “Back” on the top center or left of your page, next to the “Copy link” button, or click on the SunLight Academy logo, which always brings you back to the Homepage.

To get back to the previous page, click the ‘Back’ button “⬅️” icon at the top center or left of your screen.

Yes, for a more customizable learning experience, you can change the content view by clicking the violet button ‘See more’ from the Homepage. When you are in a course, you can click the round violet button with three horizontal lines on the right side of the ‘refresh’ button (click on it and see the sign ‘Change content view’).

Yes, you can download the pdf. Downloading videos is not allowed for obvious copyright aspects. The purpose of the access to the Student Portal is not ‘to get’ the material but to be a Member of online SunLight Academy and have access to the materials wherever you are.

You can access your classes by clicking on the menu above on the “conference” section, then choose “all” or “incoming” at the top right to see all the past classes or the upcoming ones specifically. You can also access your upcoming classes by going to the “calendar” section above, then you will see the red button with the events planned for the day.

Under the menu “Conference”, you find the scheduling of the group training classes. Students enrolled in the specific training programs can automatically access the classes related to their training profile.

To know when a new class is scheduled, a good habit is checking your calendar in the Student Portal on a regular basis. You can also click ‘Conferences’ in the upper horizontal menu and explore the list of scheduled group online classes.

The One-to-One Training Room is the space where SunLight Academy Students can meet their Trainers for 1:1 training meetings and where Trainers can share materials and resources with the Students for the certification purposes.

In your home page, you find the icon of the One-to-One Training Room. Click on the room icon, then click on the purple button “Subscribe”, as for any other course in the portal. Once you have registered to your One-to-One Training Room, you can access it also from menu: click the three lines on the top left of your screen, select 'Personal Live Digital Academy,' and from there, you can access the One-to-One Training Room.

Yes, you can watch the recording of the classes by clicking “Conference” from the upper horizontal menu, then by choosing on the top right “all conferences”, where you will find the recording and also the statistics of your presence during that meeting. Please remember that you will find the very first classes recorded in January 2024 as videos and webinars in the materials available to your student profile.

Recordings of the group online classes are uploaded under the evidence of the class under the menu ‘Conferences’. Webinars and other classes or events can be found in the following courses:

  • Videos by SunLight Academy (English Language)
  • Learning Resources (English Language)
  • Webinars di SunLight Academy (Italian Language)
  • Video di Sunlight Academy per gli Studenti (Italian Language)

As you can review in the document ‘Requirements for Level 1 Training Program’, ‘Requirements for Level 2 Training Program’, ‘Requirements for Level 3 Training Program’, and in the videos you find in your Level 1, 2, or 3 courses on the platform, all students are required - at the moment - to use the Google Drive shared by the Trainer with each Student to upload all their works and their assignments.

The recorded content you access on the student portal (videos and other resources) is material you can watch or use anytime on your own at your own speed, in asynchronous mode for your required self-study. Group and individual online training classes are also part of your certification package. You are required to watch videos whenever you can to support your learning and contribute to your own progress. You are also required to join live classes for a more interactive learning experience.

In addition to using the material for your personal learning, reflective practice, and to support your knowledge of the ICF competencies and ethics, another important thing that you can do that can benefit present and future Students and Members of SunLight Academy is adding supportive comments to the contents. You can share how you apply specific resources and contents to develop your mastery of the coaching competencies and what you are learning from it, or even share more ICF useful resources linked to that content.

To leave your comments on the resources and contents, go to the bottom left section “comments”, click the yellow “+” icon, add your comment and at the end click on the “✅” yellow button to save your comment. You can also reply to others' comments by clicking the yellow “↩” button, add your comment, and click on the “✅” button to save your comment.

In order to support your learning at its best, SunLight Trainers intentionally and purposefully created sequences of videos, about the ICF Competencies and Ethics. Once you go through the entire cycle without skipping any part of the videos, you can watch them randomly.

You can easily keep track of the material you're working on, by adding the material to your favorites: from the bottom of the specific material (videos, pdf, etc.), you see a ❤ icon, click this icon, and you will automatically find this content in your menu on the left of the screen.

Yes, the Calendar has the possibility to sync with Google and Outlook Calendars. This feature will be released at the beginning of 2024.

Yes, you can use all the functions on the platform on your mobile. For a complete self-supportive learning experience, SunLight Academy Trainers encourage Students to use the Student Portal from their PC, so that they can benefit from all the functions, use all the resources, and access all the files to prepare for their certification exam. We recommend to use the app to watch available videos wherever you are or to read some resources when you are not at your desk.

We suggest reducing the font size of the view on your mobile to see the course titles and texts completely.

Similar to a university library, the Student Portal is a virtual place where Students access materials, resources, and tools. It is not a communication tool, as communication with your Trainers and Community occurs through Slack. The Student Portal is not a tool for sharing student work materials, as that happens through Shared Drive. Slack and Shared Drive are supporting tools in your certification activities.

When you finish the certification, you can still access the Portal as a Member of the SunLight Member Club, which is for graduates coaches who receive Level 1, 2 or 3 full certifications. Through your access to the SunLight Member Club you will be able to access all the contents and the recorded classes. SunLight Academy encourages you to ask your trainer for the best use of the contents after your certification.