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Our Mentor Coaching Experience has the purpose to increase the coach’s capability in coaching, in alignment with the ICF Core Competencies. Mentor Coaching for an ICF Credential consists of coaching and feedback in a collaborative, appreciative and dialogued process based on an observed or recorded coaching session to increase the coach’s capability in coaching. Our program fulfills all the ICF requirements to apply for an ICF Credential.

15 CCEs Certificate, valid for credentialing and re-credentialing with ICF
Continuing Coaching Education certificate
by International Coaching Federation

Key learning outcomes:


You can achieve and demonstrate the levels of coaching competency and capability required by the desired ICF credential level (ACC, PCC or MCC)


You can get a deep understanding of the ICF core competency principles and practices, by using the new competency model that is effective from 2021


You can achieve awareness about your level of mastery of the ICF coaching competencies, through the review - by our ICF Mentor Coaches - of coaching sessions demonstrations (both oral and written), with the use of the PCC Markers


You can get all the elements to prepare for a successful completion of your ICF coaching session demonstrations and coach knowledge assessment (CKA) required by ICF


You can earn reciprocal coaching hours by working with other participants in the course


You can take your coaching to a higher level for your own professional satisfaction and for the benefit of your clients, by integrating other skill sets that broaden and deepen your coaching mastery


You can develop your own unique potential and your talents to partner with your clients to make skillful choices that lead to fulfilling outcomes

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Mentor Coach

Cristina Campofreddo is one of the few Master Certified Coaches MCC in the world, she is the Founder of SunLight Academy, she is an ICF Credentialing Assessor, an ICF Mentor Coach and a Coach Educator. Cristina is committed to support you to access your essence and use your talents, in order to choose your path and thrive in the new emerging world. She believes that awareness is everything because it allows purposeful choices through transformation from the inside out, which is the most powerful way to reach the desired results in a consistent sustainable way.


courses begin in January, March, June and September


online 1:1 mentoring and coaching practice hours in small groups


coaches who want to enhance their mastery of the coaching competencies or apply for an ICF Credential (ACC, PCC, MCC)


  • We offer ICF Coach Mentoring that fully satisfies the ICF ACC, PCC and MCC level mentor coaching requirements
  • Following ICF’s guidelines, the minimum mentoring hours is 10 hrs and the minimum completion time of the mentor program is 3 months. The curriculum is focused around the ICF coaching competencies.
  • Your SunLight Academy ICF Mentor Coach is a Master Certified Coach MCC ICF, she can customize each learning session based on your needs and interests, on your level of coaching, at your own learning pace and by supporting you to the desired goals

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general commercial conditions

We do know the value of commitment, that is why our Academy commits to train you for 130 hours towards your full certification.
SunLight  Academy has a 30 days refund policy.
If after 30 days from the signature of the contract you find that our training is not aligned with your expectations, then you can apply for a refund. SunLight  Academy will charge the amount of 520 € to cover the training hours delivered and all the admin fees.
With the purpose to choose your investment with clarity, you can read at the link below our terms and conditions that shall apply to all our services and quotations in relation to the buyer.

Disability, Discrimination & DEIJ Statement

In recent years, progress has been made in widening access and participation to coach training to disadvantaged and underrepresented groups of students, but we also aware that substantial inequalities persist between students of different socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds.
SunLight Academy is deeply committed to promoting diversity, equity, inclusion and justice in our world. We believe that organizations must recognize their role to ensure that any strategies developed seek to address these issue and create a more just society. It is important for us at SunLight Academy to consider how to frame our priorities and commitments in relation to this topics. 

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An exploratory free coaching session of one hour with Cristina. You will get clarity on your goals, you will immediately experience the benefits of a coaching session and you will be able to create your vision for your purposeful future.

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Get yourself a free gift

An exploratory free coaching session of one hour with Cristina. You will get clarity on your goals, you will immediately experience the benefits of a coaching session and you will be able to create your vision for your purposeful future. 

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