When you long for something, infinite invisible entanglements create unpredictable circumstances around you.
What is meant for you will reveal itself. If the desire is pure, it will be able to manifest itself.

Everything that is not connected to the desires of the ego, it arises spontaneously, outside the mind. Our purpose on this earth is to find the path that leads us to our true Self.

Coaching is the tool that we can use to embark in our Hero’s Journey to our true a fullest Self. We can do that even without coaching, but together with a Professional Coach the journey is easier and faster, we can partner with a professional who knows how to work with us, who knows how to listen to what we say and what we don’t say and who is willing to be there for us during the whole journey.

Some revelations have the power to change you, but only if you embrace them. They change your awareness, they enter your essence. It all depends on your sensitivity, your intuition. When you are ready, you will understand. When you are ready, your path will unfold.

Like a seed in fertile soil, which if nourished grows quickly, in the same way, when the seed of consciousness is ripe, the soul will be ready to receive the nectar of knowledge. All you have to do is listening.

What is the value of listening? What do we listen for? And how do we do that?

What is the impact of developing your active listening skills on your life and your coaching profession?

Listening is a huge impactful competency in coaching.
We often hear, but we do not always listen.

From thousands of flowers the bees extract and secrete a few drops of real nectar, so from thousands of words the true wisdom can be concentrated in a few words or sentences. The power of some teachings, if understood and put into practice, can dramatically improve our life. Words have the ability to change the vibrations around us, if you know their strength and power. The more the words are imbued with spiritual energy infused by those who speak them, the more they will have a transformative effect on those who receive them.


What is the value of listening in coaching?

Each of us is a universe unto itself, has a different perception and consciousness according to its spiritual evolution. We create our world with all the pieces that make up our apparent reality. The real effort is to recognize our universe and transcend it.  Words have an enormous power on our way of thinking, and viceversa.

Words not only have a strong impact on us, but also on those who listen to them.
Words have a visible and invisible effect on everything that lives. They can affect the nature of liquids, plants, our mood, our genes and even our essence. It all depends on what it is said, how it is said and on the personal power of the speaker.  Have you ever fed your mind with words as you do with food for the body?

You know, we assimilate healthy foods to give us good energy and improve our health. The same thing should happen when we talk about ourselves: we should use words to give us strength, courage, trust and love. We often don’t do that.
How you refer to yourself says a lot about how you feed your mind. We should connect with and use words of healing, words that elevate us and our life, words that are  of inspiration for our soul.


So, what language do you use when you are alone: ​​is your language like silk or like a blade?
Is it delicate or sharp? Is it a language of love or fear?

Everything you tell yourself becomes reality.
Make sure your mind does not become like a bucket where you pour negative words into it.
Feed your mind with words of love, esteem and strength.

Remember: every single cell listens to you.
Words have the power to transform: how is that possible?

Everything in the universe is vibration. Words vibrate, too. And thoughts vibrate. They create or destroy. Evil characters have used them to suppress human lives or entire nations. The great souls, on the other hand, to help people and peoples to evolve. That is why some terms we use are keys to access higher or lower planes of our existence and consciousness.

Always observe how a person relates to himself: you will understand a lot about who you are in front of. Try to imagine words as living beings that have a life of their own. Think about them as they evolve, mutate, defend or attack.

Words enter into our being, they can become friends or enemies of ourselves, they transform us. It is important to understand their influence. According to ancient knowledge, negative thoughts have always been more powerful than positive ones. This happens because they take root in us with more force, they cling to our unconscious self like mussels on rocks.
And that’s why it takes several positive thoughts to counter balance only one negative thought. Make sure that your will is focused on creating wholesome thoughts!

Your effort is necessary, always. This is why sacred words are used in various spiritual traditions to purify the mind and transcend it. It is a language that penetrates the soul.

As a coach, we need to be fully aware of the power and the impact of words: we listen carefully to the words that the clients choose and we take our time to carefully and consciously choose the words in our coaching conversation. These skills can be applied and can be strategic in every profession, especially in leadership roles.

They are skills that can be developed and trained through a specific coach training program that is fully aligned with the ICF Golden Standards.

Ask us more about our training program, book a free conversation on this topic with our Master Coaches and Trainers.



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