Legendary Coaching Journey

Transform your life or your business by using powerful coaching tools and learn how to apply them to every domains of your life

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This program can be customized to the customer’s specific needs.


During your coaching program with us you can go from your present reality to your future goals and learn how to align with your values.

Our full online coaching program offers individuals and professionals of all levels the time and the space to partner with a professional skilled coach, to reflect and share, in order to facilitate new insights and perspectives in a wholly unbiased environment. Our Epic Coaching Expedition allows you to bring greater self-awareness, confidence and balance to your life and to your leadership style. Our approach is designed in alignment with the ICF Competencies for professional and master coaches. This model is highly effective and it can be applied to Executive, Business and Corporate coaching as well as to Life coaching and Team coaching.

What you get


Partnering with a master coach

We know that the relationship between coach and client is at the heart of effective coaching. This is a mutual and co-created relationship, our coaches partner with you towards your results.


Support for your leadership

We have and extensive experience and a robust perspective on organizational change and development. Our coaches can effectively support leaders on their agenda with a focus on changes in organizational culture and teamwork.


Enhanced capabilities

We support leaders moving out of a role, into a new one, across or up an organization. We partner with them to enhance their capabilities to adapt to future responsibilities.


Career growth

We support the development of leadership capabilities and we work with our clients who want to accelerate their career growth.


Achieve full potential

We support support managers and directors in achieving their full potential, moving forward to who they want to become and developing strategies to grow their business.

Make a choice!

Take your coaching to a higher level for your own professional satisfaction and for the benefit of your clients, by integrating other skill sets that broaden and deepen your coaching skills. Choose to develop your own potential and your talents to partner with your clients. Make skillful choices that lead to fulfilling outcomes!


Through our program you can connect with and experience the energy of your personal power, you can make new choices in alignment with your values and your mission, you can tap into your inner wisdom and take steps towards your goals, your projects, your career development or a new cycle of your life.

Our program allows you to buy a 10 months coaching plan, during which you and your coach can book coaching sessions of 60 minutes each at your own pace. You have all the flexibility to customize the number of sessions and the structure of the program.


Individuals and teams who are willing to shape their life and their career in harmony with their values and the results that they want to achieve. People and organizations who are willing to engage in a consistent learning journey and pioneer to open new paths.


This program is available entirely online any time year round for individuals and teams. It can be delivered to managers and executives in organizations and companies, to small businesses and professionals of any kind. It is offered in a 1:1 partnership with one of our professional coaches and it is customized to the clients’ needs.


Cristina Campofreddo is one of the few Master Certified Coaches MCC in the world, she is the Founder of SunLight Academy, she is an ICF Credentialing Assessor, an ICF Mentor Coach and a Coach Educator. Cristina is committed to support you to access your essence and use your talents, in order to choose your path and thrive in the new emerging world. She believes that awareness is everything because it allows purposeful choices through transformation from the inside out, which is the most powerful way to reach the desired results in a consistent sustainable way.

Cristina Campofreddo


this program is available any time of the year for individuals and groups


individuals and teams who are willing to thrive and move towards their goals


online in synchronous 1:1 or in small groups


  • you can partner with one of the few Master Certified Coaches in the world (MCC ICF), who has more than 4500+ hours of coaching experience, achieved by working with different customers from different countries, different cultures and languages
  • we customizes our coaching services by using a flexible approach that meets the individual needs of our clients and that is aligned with the ICF standards

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