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You deserve a joyful life! And you deserve to bring joy in what you do. You can use this unique program to literally transform your life with a new habit: joy! In this course you can work with Gianni Ferrario, an amazing Italian actor. Gianni is worldwide known as a happiness trainer, a kind of jester spreading joy and good humor, he has an extraordinary ability to energize large audiences with his overwhelming successful performance that arises from his long stage experience at an international level.

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Watch the 3 free videos below! You can learn how to open each and every door with a smile and how to achieve a better health by fine tuning your body with joy. Find your inner balance, be in harmony with other people and unlock your potential. It is easier than you can imagine! Give it a chance NOW and allow yourself to be surprised by the results.

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Instead of € 119 only € 69!


Amazing results for you!


Through the power of joy you can generate positive emotions because motion creates e-motion


The high vibrations of joy allow a higher level of mental clarity, so that you can use it to improve your life by making good choices


Through the videos of this program you learn how to face your life with the strength of lion, by tapping into the energy of happiness


You can learn the easy and unique techniques to improve your self-esteem


You can discover the secret to avoid conflicts and regain confidence in yourself and the others


You find a way to flavor your life by practicing gratitude with joy and a light heart


Learn the Golden Rule...Join the program and find out what it is!

Instead of € 119 only € 69!



Gianni Ferrario is an amazing Italian actor and a great performer. In his role as a zen joker and happiness trainer, he delivers worldwide experiential workshops and energizing performances. He is able to engage participants by creating an exciting experience that promote profound happiness.

He dedicated many years to teaching and practicing disciplines that promotes internal growth, harmony and creativity by using techniques such as laughter therapy,  singing, visualization, vibrant and exhilarating interactive performances to the sound of captivating music.

Gianni performs as a corporate jester for big global corporations, theatres, schools, hospitals and other communities to deliver his pills of good humor and to encourage a positive approach to life.

An easy source of vitality!

With this course you have an easy source of vitality to create positive energy while having fun in what you do. Through the energy of joy, you can get mental clarity, and improve your life by making good choices.

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Great benefits for your body!

Bring a smile into the cells of your body! You will gain great benefits such as: discovering the secret to avoid conflicts, regaining confidence in yourself and in others and reaching great goals by following your dreams.

Positive energy in your life!

Let good energy enter your life every single day! You can use and apply this program in your life and with your family, in your profession, in your business or with your team with amazing success.

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Instead of € 119 only € 69!


Here you can listen from the voice of those who enjoyed working with Gianni in his workshops

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Great testimonials on Gianni's amazing work!

Patch Adams & Gianni Ferrario

Together to throw smiling confetti and love streamers

Gianni has worked with the amazing Patch Adams in 2006 through his ‘Clown Therapy’ program, held in Locarno (Switzerland). Gianni also joined Patch Adams’ ‘What’s your love’s strategy?’ program in Milano (Italy).


Patch Adams

Founder of NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming, Author, Trainer, Speaker and Coach

Timothy Gallwey & Gianni Ferrario

both special guests at the ICF Italia Conference in Rome, 2016

Dear Gianni, how much I learn in reading your book! How much this book will support me and will support the people to whom I will donate it. Than you so much for your work!


Timothy Gallwey

The Father of Worldwide Coaching, Author, Facilitator and Coach

It has been a pleasure meeting you in Arezzo. I appreciated a lot your original and sound performance. I hope we will meet again!


John Grinder

Founder of NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming, Author, Trainer, Coach

We congratulate you for your capacity to create a show with ‘gammelot’ language, a challenging kind of art, where much talent is needed.


Dario Fo & Franca Rame

Dario Fo 1997 Nobel Price for Literature - Dario & Franca Italian Artists & Actors

Thank you so much for your beautiful book. I send you my appreciation, my best wishes and a lot of friendship from India


Tara Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi's granddaughter