as a powerful Tool


In this program you can explore the realm of 'knowing without knowledge'.
What are the benefits to tune into your intuition and be able to use it? What is the relation between Instinct and Intuition? Intuition is present in our everyday life. It provides us with information when we need it and it uses all the means available to reach us. Through Intuition we overcome the limits of our rationality and we access a much wider perceptual field. In this program we will explore - how the coaching competencies can enhance our Intuition - how intuition can empower our mastery of the coaching competencies - how we can integrate our intuition in our coaching practice and in our daily life. Only when we suspend the judgment, when we lower the volume of thoughts and we relate in an authentic way with a person, intuition can find its space and the intuitive information that reaches the mind remains pure, clear.

Key learning outcomes:


You can become aware of what is the difference between thinking and intuition, and what is the connection between intuition and thought: how can Intuition be explained? what is Intuition and what is not? how do you access intuition?


You receive some tools to recognize when thought has an intuitive origin and when it is the result of reasoning: how do you recognize intuition?


You can access the awareness about how our full presence is needed to allow intuition to inform you. You explore how essential is to be present in the moment, to yourselves and to your coaching practice. You can explore the following questions: what are the benefits to tune into your intuition and be able to use it? what is the relation between instinct and intuition?


Being aware that we need to have an agreement with ourselves in order to allow the Intuitive process to be heard and recognized


Understanding how trust is essential in order to tap into our Intuition and let it support our lives and our coaching practice


Realizing that taking action is the manifestation of trust and it can allow Intuition to connect us with our Higher Wisdom.


Cristina Campofreddo is one of the few Master Certified Coaches MCC in the world, she is the Founder of SunLight Academy, she is an ICF Credentialing Assessor, an ICF Mentor Coach and a Coach Educator. Cristina is committed to support you to access your essence and use your talents, in order to choose your path and thrive in the new emerging world. She believes that awareness is everything because it allows purposeful choices through transformation from the inside out, which is the most powerful way to reach the desired results in a consistent sustainable way.


when requested by the client, any time of the year


we train worldwide online in synchronous 1:1 or in small groups


Individuals who are willing to access new innovative approaches to thrive in what they do, to access their inner wisdom and use it in every day’s life, coaches or any other professional who acknowledge the value and the power of continuing education in their profession and their business, those who want to access and develop powerful tools to enhance their skills


  • through this program you can become aware of the relation between instinct and intuition
  • you can learn how intuition can empower your life, your profession and the mastery of the coaching competencies if you are a coach
  • you can find your own way to integrate intuition in our coaching practice and in our daily life
  • you work with one of the few Master Certified Coaches in the world (MCC ICF) who partners with you at a high level of competency

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