Student Intake Process

Welcome to your Accredited Coach Training Program!

Dear Valued Coach in Training,

Greetings from our transformative coaching program!

We are thrilled to be on this exciting journey with you, and we believe that the first step towards meaningful transformation begins with a genuine connection. To embark in this enriching process, we invite you to share with us a few details, so that we can add you as a full Member

in our Slack Community:

the platform we use for individual and group official communications during your certification journey, where you can follow the Academy activities, stay updated and learn from the interactions with your peer coaches, trainers and mentors.
As soon as you receive the invitation on Slack, please send Cristina Campofreddo a personal message as a confirmation you accessed the platform. We invite you to visit our Slack space on regular daily basis to keep updated with all the news and needed information on your training program.

in our WhatsApp Learning Group:

the place where we informally exchange news, information, resources that support your learning process and where you connect and stay in touch with your fellow peer coaches and trainers. Official communications regarding the training activities are ALL ON SLACKour WhatsApp group is an informal place that we use to stay in touch and enjoy SunLight Community.

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SunLight Academy Student Portal

Now, we invite you to join the SunLight Academy Student Portal.
This is the innovative AI platform where our coaches-in-training, mentees, graduated coaches, and other members of our Academy can meet, learn, and access our services, programs, and resources, both during the time of their training program and after their certification, by being a Member of the SunLight Member Club.

create your own password (strictly personal) and let you Trainer know you have signed in. You will be included in the training program you have enrolled in. You will be soon contacted by our support assistant to receive guidelines on how to use the Student Portal at its best to maximise your learning experience.

you can use the portal from your pc and from your Android mobile through the Aix app

Learn how to use the SunLight Student Portal at its best

Connect with your Purpose: some space for self-reflection

To start this journey with awareness, we invite you to share your focused reflections.
They will serve as the foundation for crafting an experience that is uniquely tailored to your aspirations and objectives. By delving into your motivations, challenges, and aspirations, we aim to create a learning environment that not only meets your needs but propels you towards your highest purpose. 

Your journey is unique, and so is our commitment to ensuring your experience reflects that uniqueness. Share your story, your dreams, and your expectations by filling the form at this link

Thank you for taking the time to complete all the steps of the form!

The time you’ve invested is a stepping stone to your success in becoming a professional coach.