How We Embrace Diversity & Inclusion in 10 Words

SunLight Academy’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging goes beyond recognizing the differences between individuals. It is grounded in empowering individuals, fostering respect and compassion, and promoting awareness of systemic issues.

By upholding these values, SunLight Academy nurtures and promotes a transformative educational experience where everyone feels a sense of belonging and understands their shared responsibility in creating a more equitable and compassionate world for all of humanity.

We developed our strategic approach to the above mentioned areas through words, because words have the power to create and generate our reality. We encourage you to learn more about our approach by reading our blog articles about our 10 Most Important Words and definitions.

Today we begin with the first two words: Collaboration and Humanity.
Through the definitions that we at SunLight Academy give to these words, you can learn about our vision and understand how we shape the learning experience of the candidates who choose our training programs and choose to be an integral part of our SunLight Global Community.
Collaboration and Humanity are two of the ICF Core Values.
And the ICF Core Values are for our Academy a source of inspiration!


Collaboration means working together. At SunLight it is the dynamic dance of our values of unity and courage, where diverse minds unite in a harmonious partnership to achieve specific goals. Collaboration is the courage to step beyond individual limitations, embrace vulnerability, and venture into uncharted territories, knowing that together, we can manifest extraordinary outcomes.

SunLight Academy aligns with ICF values, particularly emphasizing collaboration. This entails nurturing social connections and community building. Principles include promoting professional coaching through shared creativity, partnering across diverse social groups, deliberate participation in collective efforts, cooperating with fellow ICF professionals, and engaging with related coaching professions and associations. This commitment amplifies the promotion of professional coaching, rooted in the values of unity and courage at SunLight.


Humanity (beyond and belong)

Humanity is what unites humans. At SunLight Academy we ecompass the value of shared humanity that unites all members of our Community in order to recognize and to value the inherent dignity of every individual. At SunLight Academy we transcend surface-level tolerance, nurturing a genuine appreciation for the diverse tapestry of human experiences through fostering educational spaces where individuals can learn not only from each other’s differences but also from the common threads that bind them together as human beings and as coaches.

In conclusion, at SunLight Academy Coaching Education, the significance of diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, authenticity, intersectionality, and curiosity extends beyond just embracing differences.

It involves recognizing our shared humanity and actively working towards creating an environment where all individuals feel valued, respected, and empowered to contribute authentically.

By embracing these principles, SunLight Academy aims to cultivate a learning community that reflects the true richness and diversity of humanity, fostering understanding, empathy, and growth for all its members.


Stay tuned for more definitions of our 10 Words.

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