How to stop holding yourself back and start holding your hand

I am sure you are familiar with your internal dialogue, your mind crowded of thoughts, worries, expectations… They can become beliefs and they can lead to stories that we carry with us throughout our whole life!
These beliefs, these stories don’t inspire us to think big, but rather keep us from being who we fully are and express our amazing potential.

In our Academy we train and mentor professional coaches to support them to express their inner talents to serve their clients and we know very well the power of the negative inner dialogue that can block our students evolution!

The language and the words that we use to talk to ourselves has a hidden but extraordinary power, they shape our reality and they create the world we live in. This power lies in the fact that it goes unseen around our lives, we are not fully awaken to see it and we believe we are in charge.
It is often the case that the words we use can be a reflection of both our internal and external experiences, these words can be changed, recreated, reshaped so that we can reshape our inner experience and transform our external reality.

Learning to become aware of the impact your words have on your reality is the very first step towards being able to change the way you communicate to yourself when going after your dreams.
It is a bout time that you let go of the habit of holding yourself back and start holding your hand with love so that you can become your best friend in the way to manifest your goals.

I am sure you are familiar with some of the most common phrases that could be holding you back:


1. It’s too difficult for me

You know what? When you want to move to a higher level, achieve something you really want, manifesting a different reality than the one you are experiencing, then you need to produce a new vision, new energy, new competencies. It won’t always be a smooth path, there may be some obstacles, and these obstacles will be your best friends in developing a new mindset, new capabilities, new strengths.

So embrace the challenge and go for what you want! You want it for a reason and you can get it.
Everything takes practice, and investing time into developing your skill, it will take you to a place where you are able to do these things effortlessly.


2. I don’t have enough (time, resources, money, skills, etc.)

What if, you did have all of the money and the resources now? What would be different? How would you be different?
Start considering what you have now, where you are now, and how you can transform your perspective to move towards what you want.
What happens if you invest in the correct training or courses that help to enhance your sills and knowledge? How comfortable are you in being now in the unknown to travel the journey to the vision you are holding?

Remember the amazing power of directing your mind to ‘how could I’ questions. When you do so, the answers do not come immediately, do not expect to find immediate solutions or quick fix to problems. However, the more you promote this attitude, you will feel more and more empowered and your mind will be more able to direct you to a solution that moves you forwards instead of holding you back.


3. This is how I am, it is my personality

You have the choice to promote a rigid way of looking at yourself and situations and therefore create your own limitations or nurture an open flexible and caring way of supporting your evolution and therefore welcoming unexpected resources and gifts for you.

This is a choice that you can make any time you want.
And by remembering that we are all constantly changing this will allow us to learn that we are creating and re-crating ourselves any time of our life. We can choose, and choose again, and again choose to change us and therefore our world.


4. I’m not ready

Do you want it perfect? Do you want it like you believe it should be?
This is a mere illusion! Things are projects in progress, we are projects in progress and we co-create us and our world together with the Universe.
You may wait for a ‘perfect moment’ that never seems to arrive or tell yourself that you need to do more before you even consider getting started.
This mentality can keep you stuck and stop you from taking action.
And when you are stuck you feel bad, you feel trapped…but the only one who is trapping you is You!

When you’re able to remind yourself that ‘you don’t need to get it perfect straight away, you just need to get it going’ you let go of the pressure you may put on yourself to make things perfect and you’re able to move into a space of exploring small action steps that you feel comfortable with to move things forward. With every action step that you take, you’re able to move your dreams out of your head and into your world.

Hold your hand, support yourself with care along the journey of life, thig s will appear along the way. If you stay in the same position nothing can change, your energy needs to be refreshed through some good walks toward new horizons.

When we become aware of the language we’re using when considering our ideas, it can quite literally be the breakthrough that unlocks our potential to move forwards.


5. I am afraid to fail

We’ve all felt it, no matter what level of success we’ve achieved. And we still feel it, even when we become successful people. What happens in your head? What is your inner dialogue?

When you are holding yourself back for these reasons, then ask yourself: what would be the worse thing that could happen to me? And so what? What would I do next?

Often when you really look at what is the worst that can happen, you realize that yes, maybe you’ll lose something (energy, time, etc.) or you might feel embarrassed or your ego would be hurt. But you might also find out that even in the worst case scenario, you’ll not only recover, but you’ll have learned about yourself, and be one step closer to fulfilling your dreams.


Are you intentional in working on what is holding you back and move forward to make your dreams come true? Or are you thinking to become a coach to partner with your clients to support them in this journey?

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