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6 hours


In our course you will work with a coach and with a skilled photographer. Through this program you can get more awareness about who you are, about what matters to you, about how you can highlight your abilities and your unique precious talents, and be more focused on your goals, both in your life and in your profession. Understanding light helps you to make more beautiful photos, but also it allows you to develop skills that you can use in whatever you do in your life. Photography literally means ‘writing with light’. You need to know about light and how it affects your photos in order to enhance your images and express what you really want to broadcast. But just great light does not make a great photo yet. A great photo also needs a great composition. This is probably the biggest challenge in photography, and the same it is in our life! But when you get that right, it is probably the most rewarding part. When light and composition come together, be ready for some really special photos.

Key learning


You work with a skilled international photographer and learn everything about the use of color and light, about composition and on how to communicate emotion with photography


You also work with one of our professional coaches and will get the tools to get in touch with your own inner life, your inner wisdom, with your own light. We will use the power of your photos to allow you to look at life and yourself from a new creative perspective and you will be able to apply this new approach to thrive in the new emerging world


Our photographer supports you at every step, so that you can take your amazing photos everywhere, outside or indoor, and have lots of fun in what you do!


During the calls with our photographer you learn about the theory with plenty of examples, but the best part comes after the live calls. You get to take your camera, go out in your favorite places to take photos, or you can have fun taking photos at home. Every place is a good place, the most important thing is ... YOU!


The best part of taking photos with emotion is that you experience the emotion first, while you take the photo. And sharing it with others is a journey that will open up new perspectives in what you do.​​ This is why this program is a versatile journey that allows you to enhance your capabilities and elevate your life and your profession, whatever it is.


Cristina Campofreddo, PCC, Founder of CoachingEra – Coaching & Training Atelier, ICF Credentialing Assessor, creator of the SunLight Academy project, ICF Mentor Coach, Coach & Trainer. Cristina is committed to support you to access your essence and use your talents, to choose your path and make the best of it. She believes that awareness is everything because it allows purposeful choices through transformation from the inside out, which is the most powerful way to reach the desired results.

Cristina Campofreddo


our courses usually begin in January, March, June and September, and every time a small group of participants enrolls in the program


we train worldwide online in virtual in synchronous meetings in small groups


This program is for you if you want to change the way you look at life, if you want to learn more about your Self and go beyond what you believe you are, if you love life, color, nature and people, if you are curious and open to learn new skills to use in your life and in your profession, if you are attracted by the beauty of life and nature, if you are searching for an easy program to learn more about photography, composition, colors, light, if you want to learn how to create and enhance mood and atmosphere in your photos, if you are looking to get together with a group of like minded people who share your passion, if you want to work and learn comfortably online, and save time and money from your budget.


In remote: the course develops in 6 online live Zoom sessions of about 90 minutes each – the whole  program will be completed in about two months


  • 6 online easy live sessions of 90 minutes each
  • learn from a professional photographer and work with a professional coach to enhance your life and your profession
  • discover the secrets about the use of light, composition and emotion in photography
  • practice and have fun with assignments after each session
  • get customized feedback from a professional photographer during the sessions and through private Facebook group
  • share with other participants and be part of a like-minded vibrant community


Investment for this program: 299€

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Get yourself a free gift

An exploratory free coaching session of one hour with Cristina. You will get clarity on your goals, you will immediately experience the benefits of a coaching session and you will be able to create your vision for your purposeful future. 

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