Happiness Pills to upgrade your energy

In these times of challenge, uncertainty and anxiety, what we need is good energy, positive vibrations to allow us to move upward in the scale of emotions. We all need to take care of our well being and we need to do it now!

SunLight Academy encourages you to use some Happiness Pills as a medicine…our free videos that you can just watch and use to upgrade your energy to a higher level.

Use our Happiness Pills on a daily basis, at home or at work, alone or with family and friends, and you can contribute to spread joy, well being and make the world a better place. Our suggestion is to watch and practice at least 2 pills per day.

1. The Stretching Laugh

You stretch by lifting your arms up the way you do first thing in the morning when you wake up and when you bring them back down again you finish with a long hearty chuckle.
136.1 Hz – OM The beginning …of re-patterning of learning and walking – The frequency of the heart – Heart Chakra – Love for Mother Earth – Relaxing, balancing.

2. A Heart-Opening Laugh

You lift your arms up in inspiration, you throw your head backwards and you laugh like a child, happy to hug the sky.
936 Hz – Activation of the pineal gland- Alignment mindheart – Improved consciousness and use of one’s own talents.

Stay tuned for more Happiness Pills in the coming days…follow our Blog!
Spread joy and happiness!

Read more – in the article below – on the benefits of laugh and on the technique we offer to bring happiness and good energy in your life.


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