Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome in our Academy!

We are ready to welcome you in our Community and to support you to make your uniqueness your strengths! We honor your presence wherever you are in the journey of life and we are happy to answer all your questions around our services and about our Academy.

What makes our Coaching Education special?

Our ICF accredited programs empower our clients, students and trainers to succeed in their profession and in their business.

  • We empower and support clients and students to learn key skills
  • We embody the ICF Ethics through our behavior and our training
  • We value our clients’ uniqueness by promoting their self expression
  • We train online and we promote the diversity of our Community
  • We support students with individual mentoring and training
  • We offer a rich catalogue of free post-graduate continuing education 
  • We are ready to meet your financial needs (in terms of methods of payment of our services

What makes our Academy Team special?


  • Our Trainers are Master Certified Coaches (MCC), which means that they have received the highest credential from International Coaching Federation.
  • Our mentoring is delivered by MCC Mentor Coaches authorized through the ICF Mentor Registry.
  • Our Faculty Members have also developed key skills and experience as MCC Credentialing Assessors at ICF, with 25+ years of experience in professional training, mentoring and coaching. They have trained, mentored and coached worldwide in different continents and they have been partnering with a high number of leaders, managers, executives and professionals to allow them to thrive in what they do.

What do you get from our Accredited Programs?

  • Our training programs blend theory, knowledge, practice, mentoring with feedback and supervision to enable our students to become catalyst of human evolution.
  • We respect the ICF standards of the coaching profession as defined by the ICF Competencies and Ethics, this means that through our programs you can get ready to access the ACC Credential, the PCC Credential and the MCC Credential.
  • Our coaches in training are fully supported and mentored while coaching their clients during their certification process.
  • Our students experience the coaching process together with training, and this enables them to learn how to understand, apply and manage coaching process.
  • We encourage our clients and students to use their own style and we are able to customize the training to maximize its value .
  • We challenge our students to fully live the coaching experience and gain mastery in setting up their successful business.

Who is SunLight Academy?

Our Academy’s program received the ICF highest accreditation (ACTP), and delivers high quality standard in training, mentoring and coaching. Our educators and mentors are committed and equipped to partner with you in evoking your own wisdom, by enhancing the resources and the talents that you already have. We are ready to welcome your uniqueness and support you in making it your strengths, by honoring all of who you are, wherever you are in the journey of life.

  • We are a multi-cultural and global network of resources and colleagues.
  • We have established our presence at a global level in different countries and continents.
  • We attract people who are ready to commit to express their authenticity and open to collaborate.

Sure, all our courses are fully online coaching education programs, you can attend to our courses through Zoom from wherever you are located. You can either join our groups or you can opt for individual training or mentoring customized program. We have been extensively offering online coach training in the last 15+ years, our trainers and mentors are fully skilled and competent to allow you to have a pleasant experience. We are flexible and we are committed to offer you an enjoyable professional training or coaching journey. You can learn with ease…with us!

–> Full support in setting up your business:
we have a complete module on the business of coaching to support our coaches to create their successful business, including business and marketing plans, and engaging training on how to use Social Media ethically for professional coaches, with the support of one of our Academy Trainers Krystle Kustanovich, who is an authentic resource for those ho want to success in creating a network of clients and thrive in your profession.

–> Different options for training:
all our coaching educational programs can be customized, starting with the choice to be trained 1:1 or in a small group. If you choose 1:1 you will connect anyway with our Community and other students, graduates and trainers throughout your program. We also offer periodical free webinars where you can meet colleagues from all over the world, learn from different perspectives, become aware of many different coaching approaches, niches and business development opportunities.

–> International context:
we are a global Academy, we expanded our presence in many different countries and in different continents. With us you can meet people from all around the world who share your values and passion for coaching and you can be part of an amazing supportive Community that embodies the ICF Values, especially the value of ‘Collaboration’.

–> Customized training:
up to 26 hours of the 130 hours of our ‘SunLight Coaching Diploma’ (Level 2, former ACTP) can be customized on your needs. You can focus on the coaching approaches, techniques and tools that interest you the most and specialize in the type of coaching you want to offer to your clients.

In our ‘SunLight Coaching Diploma’ we do include 10+ hours of mentoring (individual and group mentoring) as required by the ICF, because our trainers are also mentors on the ICF mentor registry. You can buy additional mentoring hours or buy a customized mentoring package, or take the full Mentor Coaching Experience with our mentors, to get to the ACC Credential, PCC Credential or MCC Credential.

We mostly train in English and our clients and students are from different countries and different continents. We also offer our courses in Italian and Arabic language.

We know very well that investing in yourself and in your future is one of the best and most rewarding investment in your life! That is why we always offer a free exploratory meeting on Zoom to all those who contact us to get information about our programs. We are more than happy to spend some quality time with our clients, to get to know each other and to answer all their questions in a Zoom chat. This is the best way to allow them to clarify what they want, to understand what SunLight Academy can offer them and to value if our programs are aligned with their expectations. Contact us and book a free meeting with one of our Trainers.

You can find the duration of each course in its specific page in our website. We offer different training programs for different needs, for individuals and groups. We also offer two different types of coaching programs to meet the different expectations, goals and budget of our clients. Our full Mentor Coaching Experience can also be offered in small portions of 5 hours each (with 5 CCEs each) for those who are in need to add more CCEs on the path towards their ICF credential (ACC Credential, PCC Credential, MCC Credential).

Our main way of making it easier for a student to pay for their coaching education is to allow installments. We also allow a discount for some programs, if the tuition is entirely paid in advance. We grant one scholarship per semester for the PCC Level Coach Training Program: we examine the requests and the proposals we receive, together with the commitment and the vision of the student in order to offer the full scholarship.

Get yourself a free gift

An exploratory free coaching session of one hour with our Master Coach Cristina Campofreddo. You will get clarity on your goals, you will immediately experience the benefits of a coaching session and you will be able to create your vision for your purposeful future.