Frequently Asked Questions

What makes our Coach Training unique?

We believe in sustainability, we believe that the client can learn how to get into the habit of using the thought processes we introduce, so that the client does not need to stay with the coach for a long time. In this way, we can be of service to larger numbers of people on the planet and there is no client-coach dependency built into the process. Our client program has an approach with a beginning middle and ending, it lasts 5- 6 months and it has 8 meetings with 2-3 weeks in between each meeting. Meetings last two hours. Our philosophy is that if we are talking about the most important things in a client’s life, we would like plenty of space for reflection that also allows access to the unknown and spirit to join us.

What is the purpose of our coaching?

Our unique methodology empowers clients, students and trainers in their evolutionary path.

  • We understand and experience the connection between life purpose and daily living.
  • We guide and support people to articulate their life purpose as the context for inspiration, direction and choices.
  • We support clients and our students to find out who they are.
  • We deal with Ethics through our behavior and clear training.
  • We value the uniqueness of our clients.
  • We focus on moving energy that is inside which moves the energy outside.
  • We use energy and intuition to achieve a higher energy level to access the extraordinary.
  • We believe that learning how to produce results is more important than ‘just’ achieving results.

What are the highlights of our Coaching Program?

Our coaching methodology has been and still is at the forefront of the global coaching profession since 1981.

  • We offer a finite 5-6 months coaching program that empowers the client to live purposefully after 8 meetings.
  • We measure progress, both well-being and achievement, during and after program completion.  These enable us to measure a person’s evolution.
  • We adhere to adult learning principles and neuroscience through: repetition and sustainability.
  • We continually integrate leading edge contemporary science and ageless wisdom.
  • Our students and clients learn how to track what they have learned and develop habits to apply the learning in real life situations.
  • Our methodology accelerates and facilitates evolution of self, other and the whole.

What do you get from our Accredited Programs?

  • Our training program blends spirit, theory, knowledge and practical application to enable our students to become catalysts to the next stage of human evolution.
  • We respect the ICF standards of the profession and go above and beyond using spiritual universal principles.
  • Our students must have 3+ clients and be mentored while coaching them during the certification process.
  • Our students experience the coaching process in tandem with parallel training that enables them to learn how to understand, apply and manage coaching processes.
  • We allow people to use their own style and customize the training to maximize its value.
  • Our trainers are also qualified to mentor and assess coaching competency.
  • We challenge our students to live the experience and gain mastery over something that has kept them from their greatness.

Who are we?

Our program has been founded in 1987 and recevied the ICF accreditation in 2000, and kept high quality standard in training since then.

  • We attract people who are ready to learn and uncover how they express their authenticity by living on purpose.
  • We value collaborative wisdom and evolution.
  • We do care and take care of our own health and well-being.
  • We invite and use inner wisdom as a key element of effectiveness.
  • We are a multi-cultural and global network of resources and colleagues.
Our coach training offers a methodology to be used with clients developed in the UK in 1981 and is the core of our unique approach. This methodology begins with learning how to facilitate a life purpose meeting with your client and also discovering your own purpose and how to use it in daily living happens at the beginning of the training. You will learn how to track purposefulness, monitor well-being and capture learning in a way that makes it easy to immediately apply in your life.

Spiritual principles:
we include training in the spiritual principles underlying coaching.

Support in setting up your business:
we have a complete business module and support you to create your business including business and marketing plan and a complimentary 9-month Manifesting Business Success Program that includes all the pieces needed to be successful in launching your coaching business.

Options for Training:
all SUN coach training is customized, starting with the choice to be trained 1:1 or in a small group. If you choose 1:1 you will connect with other students, graduates and trainers throughout your program. SUN offers monthly Teleclasses and Global Skills Practices where you will meet others in the SUN Network. Your SUN buddy or buddies enables you to practice with others as much as you wish. Some practice time is pre-formed and others are open-ended.

International context:
because SUN is global, you will meet people from all around the world who share your values and passion for coaching.
Customized training:
up to 25 hours of the 100 can be selected by you. Because our trainers have specialties, we have pre-approved training in mindfulness, team coaching, systemic coaching, exploring your shadow, executive coaching and several others.

We certainly do because our trainers are also mentors on the ICF mentor registry.

ALL Coach Trainers have an ICF credential. Senior Trainers have the MCC and Junior Trainers have the PCC, en route to the MCC. Our Trainers go through a Coach Train-the-Trainer program of 3 years, that includes mentoring and supervision of their students.

The accredited coaching training that we offer includes the ICF coaching competencies including ethics and much practice with your trainer, with colleagues-in-training, and with credentialed graduates. We also have a 5-day annual retreat, our annual learning event.

Spiritual is an acknowledgment that there is something greater than you.

It means: 
. Connection with self, with another and with the whole.  
. I am responsible for my choices and not others choices.  
. The best place to live my life is in the present without worry about the past or the future.

Our way of making it easier for a student to pay for the program is to allow installments. We allow a discount if the tuition is entirely paid in advance.

Get yourself a free gift

An exploratory free coaching session of one hour with Cristina. You will get clarity on your goals, you will immediately experience the benefits of a coaching session and you will be able to create your vision for your purposeful future.

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We offer up to 40% discount on our programs until May 20, 2020

It is time to collaborate and support each other. During this time of uncertainty, we want to make sure everyone can have easier access to coach training. We are making many of our programs available at a 40% discount until May 20, 2020.

free session

Get yourself a free gift

An exploratory free coaching session of one hour with Cristina. You will get clarity on your goals, you will immediately experience the benefits of a coaching session and you will be able to create your vision for your purposeful future. 

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