Basic Coach Training

An Introduction to Coaching Competencies

30 hours spaced over 4-10 months

Overall purpose

This introductory program allows participants to learn important coaching competencies and principles for daily use to improve the effectiveness of professional relationships and to increase a sense of well-being in the workplace. The program also offers a clear understanding of what professional coaching is for people who want to use it in conjunction with a managerial or executive role or an approach they want to develop and use in their organization.

ACSTH 30 hrs Certificate
Approved Coach Specific Training Hours by International Coach Federation

Modules in this program

1. Starting the Journey

Understand the macro elements of the coaching process. Experience setting results. Understand what kind of agreement is appropriate to use.

2. Learning the Human Being

Understand the purpose of listening. Understand the levels of listening. Understand the principle of encompassment. Experience a way to map information from listening in depth.

3. Acknowledge and discover new territories

Understand what is awareness and why it is so useful in a coaching process. Experience the power of awareness, questioning and direct communication.

4. Put on your Coach’s Cap

Understand the essence of the ICF code of ethics. Improve the use of the competencies through feedback from masterful coaches and trainers.

5. Enjoying the Journey

Understand the difference between possibilities and choices. Understand how to integrate learning. Understand the responsibility of the coach and the responsibility of the client. Learn how to apply learning to long-term planning. Experience the process of creating action possibilities.

Key learning outcomes:


A clear understanding that coaching is a process, both at the macro-level (duration of the program) and at the micro level (each meeting)


Understanding the general meaning of 8 key coaching competencies, as defined by ICF – International Coaching Federation.


Participants will experience 8 key coaching competencies


Participants will practice 8 key coaching competencies with feedback


Understanding the principles of encompassment, cycles and rhythms, curiosity and how they apply to coaching


Integrating the basic process of a coaching meeting: define the desired result, create new awareness, establish an action plan within the context of goal planning and setting


Understanding how to manage a coaching conversation by maintaining the focus on learning as well as on the results of the entire coaching program.


Cristina Campofreddo, PCC, Founder of CoachingEra – Coaching & Training Atelier, ICF Credentialing Assessor, ICF Mentor Coach, Coach & Trainer, Coordinator of Success Unlimited Network® (SUN). Cristina is committed to support you to access your essence and use your talents, to choose your path and make the best of it. She believes that awareness is everything because it allows purposeful choices through transformation from the inside out, which is the most powerful way to reach the desired results.

Cristina Campofreddo

Your busines is you

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When we train

when requested by the client, any time year round

Where we train

worldwide online or in the identified venue

Whom we train

those who want to sample the coaching profession, people interested in exploring the possibility of becoming a coach, professionals and practitioners in allied professions, mental health practitioners, spiritual counselor, social worker, consultants, HR personnel, sport coaches & trainers


In remote: we connect through video calls of 2 hours each, we deliver 1:1 training, plus we offer coaching practice hours (in remote) in small groups of 4-6 people
In presence: we train small groups from 4 to 6 max


  • for those interested, this 30-hour training can be applied towards the ICF-accredited 125 hours SUN Coach Training and Certification Program, to become a Certified Success Coach
  • this program is a portion of the 125 hrs program that received the accreditation from ICF in 2000 – we take pride in both fulfilling the ICF requirements and at the same time customizing our training to the needs of our Students, to their vision and their purposes
  • we customize training using multiple training technologies, different formats, and is available in several languages


Investment for this program: 3.700€
The amount might vary depending upon the size of group, method of training and location. Please, ask for a customized quote.

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