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You create You

Life happens for your and through you.  Every day of your life you are creating who you are.
We all have the responsibility to encourage the light to expand in all people.  We need to remember that we can only open our door from the inside.  Through our coaching and training programs you can find the tools to open your own personal door to allow your light to shine.

Choose your path with purpose

Our coaching, training and mentoring programs are for individuals and organizations who are determined to thrive in the new emerging world, who are willing to sustain their evolution, who want to evoke the best out of their talents and create their success according to their values.

Develop your talents and your coaching skills

We train and we mentor individuals who want to become life, business, corporate or executive coaches. We partner with managers in organizations and with their teams, with HR personnel, trainers and mentors around the world who want to be the creators of a new paradigm. We deliver coaching, training and mentoring to allow our clients to develop the key skills of the transformed new world.

You are

what you believe about yourself

Coach & trainer

Cristina Campofreddo

Since 1986 in skills development, coaching, training and HR management for leading companies in the fashion, publishing, and financial field, I have always been inspired by a deep passion for purposeful leadership and personal & professional development.
I am one of the few Master Certified Coaches in the world, with a deep passion for coaching and training.
I founded CoachingEra in 2013 and I channeled in this company my 30+ years experience in leadership training, consulting and mentoring in the global corporate world to deliver purposeful high quality coaching and training. I generated SunLight Academy project to open our stream of resources and tools to all those who are ready to shape their life and embrace their talents. I am committed to support individuals, executives and business companies to access their essence and use their talents, to choose their path and make the best of it. I do believe that transformation from the inside out is the most powerful way to reach the desired results.

“I am at service of clients who want to pioneer and open new paths”

- Cristina Campofreddo

Personal Coach & Trainer

Purposeful leadership
can change everything

That’s why we are committed to support the development of purposeful leaders, teams and organizations, through a variety of customized coaching, training and mentoring programs. We help our clients in gaining lasting behavioral changes in order to become inspiring leaders in their lives, community and profession, and translate brilliant strategies into action.

Join us! Be one of these global leaders. Be the change in your life.

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Our Happy Clients!

“I approached Cristina when I decided I wanted to improve my leadership skills and adopt a more proactive / positive approach to work and life in general. Cristina has been incredibly helpful and she has sparked all sorts of new ideas and inspirations, that I am sure will serve me in the future. During my coaching sessions, I felt very creative and open to what may come next. Cristina is a very approachable, inspiring and caring person, who makes you feel at total ease. I totally recommend Cristina!”
Investment Banking M&A director - London UK
"It has been my absolute pleasure to get to know and work with Cristina in the Neuworx global coaching community of which we are both members. Cristina has a passion for people which is augmented by her exceptional skills and knowledge as an international coach and developer of people. Her strong intuitive approach, kindness, global coaching experience and structured approach enables her to help clients soar to new levels of performance and satisfaction in creative and sustainable ways. I strongly recommend Cristina on a personal and professional level as a coach and development partner for individuals and groups anywhere around the globe"
CEO & Neuro-Based Consultant at Strategic Leadership Institute - South Africa
"I met Cristina when I wanted to learn much more about professional coaching and gain a qualification along the way. I’m reminded as I write this of a phrase used by Cristina, ‘you don’t create what you want, you create what you are’. The first step along the Sun methodology is the help you define your life purpose, what drives you. An incredibly powerful process, both for me and for those I’ve subsequently worked with. But having revealed my purpose it showed very clearly that the process of coaching is perfectly matched to my purpose. As I feel I am having an important impact on others, I feel Cristina with me at all times. It's not just that she is a great teacher and passionate about the effect of great coaching, it’s that she also feels this is such an important way for people to treat people. This is far more than a job or career for Cristina, its a way for her to make an incredible difference. And I love that. Great coaches done naturally make good teachers but I firmly believe that with Cristina you get it all and that is both rare and valuable."
Retired Deloitte Partner - UK
"Thank you for showing your great example of service and giving your time to help and elevate women who lead CPT South Africa. We are living a purpose driven life and embracing our leadership qualities that we were born with. Every encounter I had with you has been a journey never to be forgotten."
Supervisor, RRP Indirect Retail at Philip Morris International - South Africa
"Cristina supported me in completing the SUN Coach Training Program. I appreciated Cristina’s strong professionality, her focus on details, her practical and at the same time deeply emphatic approach. During the whole of my training program, I felt Cristina close to me as a human being, through her heart and through her spiritual approach that she fully lives and embodies. In my 20 years of experience as a trainer, as a facilitator and as a coach I found the SUN Methodology unique, complete and rich with many tools that can enhance all the areas of our life, both personal and professional, from our wellbeing, our relationships, our career and our relationship with money and abundance."
Trainer, Workshop Facilitator, Coach - Italy
“Cristina has remarkable coaching skills and incredible intuition. All sessions with her were for me as parts of one incredible adventure towards my goal. During my coaching sessions, I felt very resourceful and creative. Cristina is a very caring and compassionate person, who makes you feel at total ease during the coaching session. I highly recommend Cristina!”
Alex Balashov
Owner of 'The Yoga Studio' - The Netherlands
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